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A potpourri of notable opinions about the book

“The Ultimate Self-Help Book for Your Company… Renowned strategist Sid Mohasseb … details an approachable and implementable approach to maintaining an edge. Replete with real world examples from his travels, the book takes you inside organizations and real-world vignettes … Long term (keep it by your desk!) it’s a constant reminder how to help your business thrive in an ever-changing market and rapidly changing world. 

"In this age of unpredictability, disruption and change, the need for innovation, and even reinvention, are par for the course. Mohasseb’s The Caterpillar’s Edge challenges business leaders to let go of misguided ideas and static strategies and to embrace a new way of thinking.” 

 - Lynne M. Doughtie, Chairman and CEO, KPMG

- James Ellis, Dean of Marshall Business School, University of Southern California

“Sid’s compilation of thoughts are motivating, energizing, and necessary for success in today’s world.  We must keep evolving to thrive, and he tells us this in so many ways.  A great read.” - 

“A must read for every data scientist, business strategist and everyone in between!” 

“I was awed. Sid packed more wisdom addressed to CEOs or wannabes than I thought possible in one book. The book should be a bible for every tech-oriented manager. Every V.C. should require start-up leaders in their portfolios to read it. But it takes more than a single read to benefit from the book.” 

- Martin Cooper, the Inventor of Cellphone

- Eric Haller, EVP & Global Head, Experian Innovation DataLabs

“The Caterpillar’s Edge is an engaging book that puts innovation and speed of execution front and center, speaking directly to the entrepreneurs and executives of businesses affected by the increasing need to stay ahead of competition, to use the newest technologies, and to think creatively to gain advantage in a fast-evolving business environment.  Author Sid Mohasseb proves himself a master educator, storyteller and predictor of the future for business enterprises of all types.” 

"A passionate, quick-hit dose of insightful food for thought. Every once in a while, you need to reset and gain new out-of-the-box perspective. It's time to do so again, by way of this uniquely creative book." 

- Scott Siegler, former president Columbia Pictures and Venture Capitalist  

"Sid offers an original and thoughtful path to managerial success for both established and early stage companies. I recommend this book unhesitatingly."  

- Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World and author of "Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die"

“Unique, refreshing and sometimes jolting.  I couldn't stop putting the book down to reflect on a nugget and even started rewriting parts of our strategy and approach mid chapter.” 

 “A great collection of stories that all show how important it is for organizations to change and be receptive to the changing environment … an insightful book, full of great quotes and stories.” 

- Douglas Laney: Gartner, VP & Distinguished Analyst, CDO Research, Data & Analytics Strategy

- Mark Van Rijmenam: Founder The Digital Leadership Initiative - Think-tank in Sydney, Australia

– Dave Berkus, a Super Angel, Managing Partner of Kodiak Ventures, private equity investment fund and Chairman- Emeritus of the Tech Coast Angels.

“Truly an excellent book and should be read by CEOs and those of us who mentor or serve on the boards of startups” 

- Peter Fox, Managing Director Data and Revenue Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

-  Suren G. Dutia, Senior Fellow, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Former CEO, TiE Global & Former Chairman & CEO, Xscribe Corporation

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