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       Addiction is the irrational pursuit of a likely harmful reward. There are two common properties to addictive temptations. First, they are reinforcing (i.e. position us to want more) and second, they are rewarding (i.e. induce comfort and pleasure). Many large and small companies and their leaders are stuck in their approach to planning and execution. Some are compulsive about rigid budgeting cycles, some are obsessed with existing business models and others are focused on defending their turf. They are guided by old habits formed in an era where competition was more static. They are, by definition, addicted and pursuing a dangerous prize.


·  The Indiscriminating Disease



·  Fear Not

·  Seeds of Destruction

·  The State of Corporate Affairs

·  First, Admit You Have a Problem

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”  - Dr. Santosh Kalwar, Scientist and Author


      Living beings and their environments emerge and evolve. The process they all go through is emergence (rise and renew) and all that they create is emergent and nascent.

      The remarkable and unplanned patterns made by clouds and the unforeseen sculptures shaped by lava gushed out of a violent volcano are creations that arise from the interaction of life and things. The collective courage that erupted from protestors on Tiananmen Square, the commitment to country and excellence displayed by the Japanese after the atomic bomb dropped, and the remarkably fast progress made by a group of scientists as they created that bomb are all emergent properties transpired from complex systems.  Life itself is an emergent trait of interacting molecules.

         Both you and I evolve and what we each create, our lives, is emergent. Our societies, the world, our organizations and competitors are all unfinished and constantly changing - emerging. We all (people, companies and societies alike) interact with each other and create our own unique patterns – our next future.



·  Emerge: Shape Your Patterns and Pave Your Path

·  The Ingredients of Emergence: Life and Death

·  Signals, Context, and Exchange

·  Life Is About Exchange

“In the animal kingdom the rule is eat or be eaten, in the human kingdom, define or be redefined.”

                                                                                                                 - Thomas Szasz,  Professor of Psychiatry

Chapter 5 - Being Alive
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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  - Winston Churchill

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